From time to time 4Devolutuion will run webinars with leaders in the field of digital democracy and community engagement.

Previous Webinars

Carolyn Lukensmeyer – 21st Century Town Hall

Carolyn is the Executive Director of the National Institute for Civil Discourse. She is also the founder of AmericaSpeaks, a deliberative democracy organization that successfully applied its 21st Century Town Meeting® to a number of major public policy issues in the US.

Carolyn is the author of “Bringing Citizen Voices to the Table: A Guide for Public Managers” which provides strategies and best practices to public managers and leaders who wish to authentically engage citizens around significant policy issues. Prior to founding AmericaSpeaks, Carolyn served as Consultant to the White House Chief of Staff.

Martin Bass - Appreciative Inquiry

Appreciative Inquiry is a way of thinking and technique for developing questions that will change the way you engage with your communities to make it more positive and successful. Martin Bass, the presenter is a highly experienced practitioner, trainer and facilitator specialising in stakeholder engagement, organisational development and integrated strategic planning. He has worked extensively with State Government agencies in NSW and local councils in metropolitan, regional and rural-remote areas in NSW, Victoria, Western Australia and Northern Territory.

Click here for more information about Martin.

More information about appreciative inquiry can be found here https://appreciativeinquiry.case.edu/

Crispin Butteriss – Technology for participatory Budgeting

Crispin is the Chief Practice Officer for Bang the Table which owns and manages EngagementHQ the benchmark for best-practice online community engagement software in the Australian public sector. Bang the Table also offers online participatory budgeting tools.

Kate Henderson – Citizen’s Juries & Participatory Budgeting

Kate Henderson & Lyndal Mackintosh are working at Community Engagement at the City of Melbourne which won the International Association for Public Participation International Award for a Citizen Jury process that engaged the public to address a $900 million shortfall in Melbourne City Council’s budget over the next ten years.

Nivek Thompson – Crowd sourcing ideas

Nivek is the Principal Consultant for Synthetron in Australia. Synthetron is a unique online crowdsourcing platform which provides a dynamic, interactive and effective way to gain insights into what your community is thinking. Synthetron has been operating for over ten years in Europe and is now available in Australia.

Nivek is also undertaking a PhD looking at the impact of democratic innovations on the broader political landscape.

Jared Bothwell – Citizens Panels

Jared Bothwell is an Account Director at PublicVoice. PublicVoice is an online research and engagement company working with a range of government clients specialising in online citizen panels.